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UV DTF Orange Butterfly Libbey Cup Wrap 16oz

UV DTF Orange Butterfly Libbey Cup Wrap 16oz

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UV DTF Print. 

No more layering yeyyy, now you can add these beautiful images to your cups. They are waterproof!

♡ Approximate width is 9.5 height can very 

♡ No weeding is required. Simply peel and apply!!

♡ Waterproof and Scratch Resistant

♡ Durable and Long Lasting

How to apply:

- Clean your Cup with a microfiber cloth (Don't use alcohol)

- Place your cup on a stable surface

- Start by placing your design face down and pass squeegee through with light pressure 

- Peel your backing slowly by rolling method (this will avoid damage)

- Place design transfer into your cup carefully as desire

(Keep in mind once design is place you can't reposition)

- Once position use your squeegee or hand to adhere and push out any bubbles

- Peel off clear film carefully (nice and slow making sure everything has properly adhered)-

Care Instructions:

- Hand wash only. 

-  We don't advise Dishwasher or microwave.

- Do not scrub excessively they are long lasting and durable, but still handle with care

We are not responsible for any missed used and handling of transfer. 

All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued. 

 Cup not included.